About us


The concept of creating a fashion firm has been in the making for quite some time. The longing to make creative work, the longing to design our own bags was so intense and could not been ignored for another second of our lifes. As the time passed so did the creativity and it's calling, to the point were the decision was unavoidable.
So, a plan began to take form. In order to maintain a family the plan had to be meticolous thought out. First, start a firm in a working field one of us were familiar to. In this case a consulting firm within structural engineering. Second, sell the firm with a fair profit. Third, take the profit and start a new creative company called L'Honnête , which makes elusive designer accessories. Fourth, become a master in this field. Fifth, make this company profitable and enjoy every second of the work. 
It has not been easy. From start until now, it has taken us almost a year to launch the products and the company. We, me and my wife Nicole, have not taken any shortcuts in terms of quality. The sole purpose is to make a product which baffles the customer. So, when the customer opens the box with one of our products, the feeling itself will propell them to be proud of the purchase. The smell, the finish and the knowing, someone has handcrafted these bags specially for them is what we strive to entice.
The two main person of this company are Nicole and Gabriel. Nicole runs the daily business as CEO. Myself, I love to design and there is were my work lies.
Express yourself everybody! 
/Gabriel and Nicole